US Customs Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Updates

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced they will be deploying new
capabilities later this month that will allow rail and sea carriers to transmit electronic manifest data
to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). Ultimately, CBP will replace the
Automated Manifest System with ACE as the CBP-approved Electronic Data Interchange
system for rail and sea data submissions.


The e-Manifest: Rail and Sea release will:

*Enable CBP to place and remove holds at the conveyance, container and master bill level

*Inform carriers which Participating Government Agency (PGA) has held their merchandise

*Extend Broker Download to the sea environment

*Increase number of possible Secondary Notify Parties to 25

*Allow carriers to create list of trade partners who are authorized to use their type two custodial bond through the ACE Portal,
i.e. In-Bond Authorization

*Allow carriers to create and maintain sea conveyance information through the ACE Portal

*Send a status notification of disposition code “95” to Carriers and subsequent Secondary Notify Parties such as Port
Authorities when a Paperless Master Inbond (IT, T&E, IE) has been deleted by the carrier

*Provide 12 new reports for rail and sea carriers along with seven new reports for brokers and two for importers

*Provide the ability to share customized reports with any user within the portal account

*Allow filers to create and maintain rail line release Entry Banks through the ACE Portal