Some Vehicle Lanes Now Open at San Ysidro, Calif. Port of Entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have announced that part of the San Ysidro, Calif. port of entry has reopened for vehicle processing.

At midnight Pacific time, CBP officers anticipated being able to use 13 vehicle lanes to process travelers. Depending on traffic volume, CBP would normally operate about this many traffic lanes, or fewer, at this time in the evening. To accommodate the expected traffic, all 13 available lanes were operational starting at midnight. ( Southern California Port to Reopen to Pedestrians Following Construction Accident )

CBP re-opened the bus lane at the port to process buses only. The passenger-only processing area reopened yesterday evening.

SENTRI members will have access to a dedicated SENTRI lane that and they will be redirected to the open lanes when they arrive at the port.

General traffic must use the approaches in Mexico that lead to the western side of the port of entry, or to the left as you approach the border crossing from Mexico. The approaches on the eastern side of the border crossing remain closed.

As of early hours of Sept. 15, CBP does not expect to be cleared to open more vehicle lanes today. Updates will be provided as soon as available and local Southern California media are monitoring the situation.

Vehicle traffic can still cross at either the Otay Mesa passenger and cargo port of entry or the Tecate passenger and cargo port of entry.