Merchandise Processing Fee Rate Change Information

Recent trade legislation (H.R. 2832) changed the merchandise processing fee (MPF) rate for formal entries (class code 499) from 0.21 percent (0.0021) to 0.3464 percent (0.003464). The minimum MPF amount of $25.00 and the maximum MPF amount of $485.00 were not changed.

CBP is in the process of modifying its automated systems to accept the new MPF rate of 0.3464 percent. At the present time, CBP does not have an exact date when the MFP system changes will be completed.

CBP will notify the trade in a future message when entry summaries can be submitted with the new MPF rate. CBP plans on providing approximately 1-weeks’ notice when CBP will be able to accept the new MPF rate. This applies to both ACE and ACE filed entry summaries.