DOC reduces 2009 rate for Chinese wood bedroom source

Thomas Russell — Furniture Today, September 26, 2011

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce has assigned a 7.24% antidumping duty rate for the 2009 shipments of Chinese bedroom producer Zhangjiagang Zheng Yan Decoration Company Ltd., sharply lower than the 41.75% that was previously announced.

The DOC said that a review of the company had been rescinded. As a result, it should have been assigned a final duty of 7.24%, or its original cash deposit rate, officials said.

Based on research provided by trade data specialist Zepol Corp., Butler Woodcrafters of Chase City, Va., was a primary importer of bedroom products from this particular factory in 2009.

The change does not affect the all-China rate, which remains at 216.01%.

Antidumping duties are assigned to each Chinese factory but are paid by importers of record. The duties aim to bring a more level playing field to domestic producers that have been injured by unfairly priced bedroom furniture from China.