Delivering Time-Sensitive Shipments from Canada to the U.S.


A major Canadian manufacturer of finished high tech components was experiencing regular delays at U.S. airport hubs when shipping their products “Overnight Air” to U.S. destinations. Deliveries of these components were time-sensitive and expensive.  Products were expected “Next Day AM”, so one or two day delays resulted in serious complaints from customers for both new products and replacement part shipments.

Based on Bay’s extensive experience importing products to and from the U.S. and Canada, develop a brokerage solution that would ensure on-time door-to-door AM deliveries for products to all states, eliminating delays at U.S. hub processing centers.  This program had to include U.S. Customs brokerage services and be available Monday through Friday with Saturday delivery as an option.


Start the process with Bay Logistics “same day clearance” at the Canadian border.  Then have the freight picked up by Bay’s own fleet of trucks and cleared at U.S. Customs by Bay Brokerage. After clearance into the U.S., the freight was categorized as domestic air freight, delivered and loaded at the local airport that evening and then dispatched for delivery to the customers the following day for morning on-time delivery.


This complete Bay Solution resulted in immediate positive feedback from the Canadian manufacturer’s customers throughout the U.S. virtually eliminating late deliveries.  Additionally, the Canadian shipper enjoyed a 27% savings over the former method.