Countdown to Comply with eManifest Requirements Begins November 1, 2011, for Highway Carriers

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that the eManifest implementation timeline for highway carriers will begin on November 1, 2011. This means on November 1, 2012, highway carriers that do not comply with the requirement to electronically transmit cargo and conveyance data ahead of arrival at the border will be denied entry and will face zero-rated (non-monetary) penalties. Subsequently, on May 1, 2013, highway carriers that do not comply with the requirements will be denied entry to Canada and face monetary penalties.

“When fully implemented, eManifest will be a virtually paperless process that starts before shipments even reach the border and will improve two-way communications between trade and the CBSA,” said Cathy Munroe, Vice-President, Programs Branch. “By rigorously performing risk assessments on advance commercial information, the CBSA’s border services officers will be better able to ensure that shipments identified as being of unknown and high-risk are examined and low-risk, legitimate goods cross the border more efficiently.”

CBSA also recently made electronic data transmission requirements easier to achieve with the launch of its internet-based eManifest Portal. The eManifest Portal allows businesses to electronically submit their cargo and conveyance data to the CBSA via its Web site.

eManifest is a major Crown project that is improving the way commercial goods coming into Canada are processed while enhancing the safety and security of Canadians and international trade.

For more information on eManifest requirements, visit the CBSA Web site at