Canada Opens Door to Used Vehicles from Mexico

Just before Canadian Parliament dissolved in late March, to clear the way for the Federal Election, it passed Bill S-5, to very little fanfare.

Because Bill S-5 will (eventually) clear the way for Canadians to not only purchase late-model used vehicles from Mexico — something we always could do— but to actually license and register and drive them in our respective provinces — something we could never do.

Here’s the deal… It will take another year or two for the government to work out the regulations and protocols for Mexican used-vehicle importation, and the only vehicles allowed in will be those that can be certified for Canadian safety and environmental standards. This means that some vehicles will continue to be effectively persona non grata in Canada, because if they don’t already meet Canadian safety and environmental standards, it will likely be too costly and difficult to make them so.

But as is the case with American market vehicles, there will no doubt be a lot of vehicles that already meet Canadian safety and environmental standards; the only modifications they need then for Canadian certification are relatively affordable and straightforward ones, such as daytime running lights, metric gauges, and Canadian compliant child seat latching systems.

(At some point, Transport Canada will certainly publish a list of Mexican market vehicles, which fit the above criteria.)