Electronic Commerce

Bay Brokerage is one of the nation’s largest providers of U.S Customs import programs for many well known e-commerce companies. This includes full service through ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) e-Manifest and AMS (Automated Manifest System). Bay handles in excess of 10,000 e-commerce shipments daily from Canada, Asia and Europe. Our cutting edge technology provides for easy integration through the shipper/seller shipping systems. Because of the sheer volumes and variety of products sold, Bay developed a secure automated system that would accurately report each transaction to U.S. Customs in a timely manner. The process is compliant with Trade Act of 2002 security criteria while meeting U.S. Customs entry requirements. To solve specific problems presented by product diversity and value assessment in real time, the system electronically categorizes each product in U.S. Customs terms, while providing instant feedback for exceptions, restricted commodities or commodities with excessive values.  All processes ensure timely and accurate data transmissions and visibility at the specific U.S. port of entry. Bay’s system eliminates unwarranted duty fees and penalties on hundreds of shipments from China, Canada and Europe.  Minimizing delays result in on time delivery of shipments.  Bay customers include online auctions, consumer product distributors, and catalog fulfillment operations.